How Automatic Replenishment Works

If your account is set up for automatic replenishment, when your balance reaches your pre-set low balance threshold or less, your account will be replenished.

How soon after replenishment will the funds be available?
If your TOLL-BY-PLATE account is active at the time you replenish, your funds are available immediately.

Replenishments can be accomplished in the following ways:

Most TOLL-BY-PLATE customers have one less thing to worry about because they link their Account to a credit card. When a Personal Account reaches a pre-set low balance threshold (minimum/default is $10.00), it is automatically replenished with a pre-set amount determined by the user at the time of enrollment.

The replenishment thresholds for Commercial accounts are also determined during the account enrollment according to the expected usage.

If you take long trips on the Turnpike, TOLL-BY-PLATE suggests raising your low balance threshold so you do not run out of funds. It is your responsibility to monitor the status of your Account and ensure it has sufficient funds to cover all applicable tolls and other charges.

You can replenish your Account by credit card using this website and clicking on: Log In to Replenish My Account

By Phone
Call our Customer Service Center and pay by credit card, 1-888-824-8655.