Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the TOLL-BY-PLATE program?

A: TOLL-BY-PLATE is an image based electronic toll collection system that uses photographic images of the vehicle's license plate to identify the customer responsible for payment. This feature is available on the HEFT (Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike) from Florida City to Miramar in Miami- Dade County. The intent of the TOLL-BY-PLATE program is to provide a safe statewide Turnpike system, reduce traffic congestion and reduce air pollution by providing an efficient and convenient payment method for customers of the Turnpike system.

2. How is the toll paid?

A: When a motor vehicle passes through a toll collection facility and the toll payment is not made by either using cash or an electronic transponder, a photographic image of the vehicle's license plate will be captured at the toll lane. The first-listed registered owner of that vehicle will receive an invoice in the mail for the accumulated toll amounts and a $2.50 administrative charge.

3. Why is there an Administrative Charge?

A: The administrative charge covers the costs of administering the TOLL-BY-PLATE tolling program. It includes reviewing photographic images of license plates captured at the toll collection facilities, generating and sending invoices, processing toll payments received, and other related costs.

4. Is there any other way to pay the toll without the additional Administrative Charge?

A: Avoid paying an administrative charge by creating a prepaid TOLL-BY-PLATE account and registering the vehicle license plate number. Customers have the option of establishing and maintaining a registered prepaid toll account via a credit or debit card, from which the applicable toll amounts are automatically deducted. As long as the customers prepaid balance is sufficient to cover the monthly accumulated toll amounts, they are not subject to an invoice for the tolls plus the administrative charge. Customers are responsible to update their prepaid accounts with any change in the vehicle ownership, registration, or license plate number of the vehicles using the Turnpike system of toll roads. The failure to update this information may result in a toll violation.

5. Can I save money on tolls with TOLL-BY-PLATE?

A: The TOLL-BY-PLATE program does not provide toll reductions. But, SunPass customers typically pay less than TOLL-BY-PLATE or cash customers at toll plazas and exits on most Florida toll roads and bridges. SunPass customers pay less than cash customers because the SunPass Prepaid Toll Program is a more efficient method of collecting tolls. To open a prepaid SunPass account, click   here.

6. How would I dispute a toll charge?

A: An invoice or transaction dispute request must be made within 90 days of the toll transaction. Disputes may be made in writing, in person, or by telephone. All disputes are subject to review and approval by FDOT and may require additional documentation or evidence from the customer.