TOLL-BY-PLATE Program Online Customer Acceptance

I agree to use the TOLL-BY-PLATE image-based video billing system to pay for tolls on the Florida's Turnpike System and other Department owned toll facilities.

I understand that it is my responsibility to keep all my Registered Account information (license plate number, address, credit card information) up to date.

I understand that I will pay the TOLL-BY-PLATE toll rate for each facility that offers TOLL-BY-PLATE toll collection, and the charges will be deducted from my Registered Account.

I understand that if my Registered Account balance is insufficient to cover the monthly accumulated toll amounts, I will be subject to an invoice for the full toll amount and an administrative charge.

I understand that I am responsible for all toll charges associated with my Registered Account and that the authorized or unauthorized use of my vehicle by any other person does not relieve my liability for any charges incurred.

By clicking "I Accept" below, I am entering into an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to follow the terms and conditions of the TOLL-BY-PLATE Program.